Fugitive African Gray parrot makes emergency landing

Look! We have a beautiful, unexpected visitor
this morning.

Pretty bird.

Who are you?
Who's looking for you?

Let's take pictures.

Very nice fluffing.

How about the back?


Looking good.

tail feathers.

Want to come in the house?
It's OK, I won't bite you.

Yep, this is my cage. You like? Thanks.

Look, my tacky nail polish matches your duster.

I like your chunky silver anklet.
Did you get that at The Underground?
Oh, that's right, they just closed.
Well, it's pretty.

Your talons are sharp and pointy. Time for a pedicure? A bit of scrub and buff?

Oh, too bad, no time. The nice lady is here to look after you until your people call. They're probably worried. You're an expensive little chickadee. And you're sweet and funny and fearless. I know they miss you terribly.

Wow, she got here quickly.

See, she loves you. She'll take care of you.

I hope everything works out well.

I'm glad you picked our porch.
Thanks for brightening my Thursday morning.

It surely was fun meeting you. Bye.

Do you know who belongs to this personality-plus parrot? Call:

Capt. Lee Anne Smith
Animal Regulation Officer
Field Services Supervisor
Redding Animal Regulation

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  1. What a delightful surprise to start the day! You just made my lunch break with the pics. Purdy bird indeed.