'Did you do it with respect?'

How to bring serenity and mindfulness to your days, and improve your time-management skills at the same time: Approach every task with respect.

Active respect fosters meaning and focuses the mind. Being aware of your level of respect helps you determine the time and attention to apply to a task. And pay particular attention if you find you can't muster even a shred of respect.

This deceptively simple concept has stayed with me daily since I read about it in this article by Philip Brewer (no relation).


  1. Something every living, breathing adult needs to read. Thanks, K.

  2. In total agreement with Mr. G. God knows we could all use a little more serenity, particularly nowadays...
    Thanks for the post, Kelly.

  3. My pleasure, Uncle E. Chin up.

  4. You are, indeed, a bodhisatva. Thanks for the wise words.