Bless my bloomers

My friend Selma gave me several gorgeous orchids in 2002. She was moving and couldn't take them along. Somehow they've survived in my care, even though getting them to bloom has been a challenge. Some years they do, some years they die.

Some I took to the newsroom for a couple of years. They came home with me when I left the newspaper business in 2007.

Since then, these beauties have lived in the shower room, protected from harsh lights, chilly updrafts, dry air, cross voices, hostile vibes and hard feelings. Instead, they enjoy a peaceful environment of calm surroundings, natural light, gentle humidity, good music, bubbly laughter and loving attention.

(Hi, Selma.)


  1. Those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

  2. That is a talent. So delicate and Beautiful.

  3. My son in law keeps some of his orchids in their bathroom. I keep telling him my feng shui horoscope said I should have a purple orchid in my house....

  4. The Orchids--how beautiful and absolutely heartwarming to know that you have cared for these precious orchids all these years. Must be why I am doing so well; true friends who so carefully care for a friends spirit. Thank you Selma