Wind power to the people

Renewable energy -- specifically, wind power -- is big on my radar screen these days. We have a little corner of the world where we'd like to put wind towers. This land is in the high desert Southwest and doesn't grow enough greenery to support livestock very well, but the wind blows, Lordy, the blasted wind blows nonstop.

Want to see a picture?

Of course you can't see the wind, silly. I meant see the ranch. And see those antelope on the horizon? They're my pet antelopes. Their names are Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo, Larry and Curly. Not really. I used to live nearby. Do you see why it would be good for wind towers? A whole lot of sky and high-quality wind, and nothing to get in the way.

I live in northern California now. Anyway, my point, and I do have one, is that I was excited to learn recently that the only community college in the entire state of California that offers wind power classes is right here in Redding. Yep, right here at our own darling Shasta College.

Wind power grew by leaps and bounds in 2007 and is expected to do a repeat performance in 2008, especially if Congress extends production tax credits beyond the end of the year. Alternative and renewable energy production could be a huge economic driver for several breezy states in the U.S., as it already is in Germany, Spain and other places around the world.

It's an industry with a global future.

And we can access it here. Shasta College's new green curriculum also includes classes on biodiesel and solar. (Shasta Builders Exchange is also growing some green with its AgreePark, and might branch out further. More on that another time.)

The college classes are part of the Shasta Economic and Workforce Development program, which is a key piece of a larger plan to prepare the local economy and labor force for future jobs here.

Can you say "Stillwater Business Park" ?

You can bet your sweet nacelle a wind-turbine and/or solar-panel manufacturer is in line for an early piece of the park when it's ready to go to market later this year. The smart money says prepare now and have a job at a Stillwater light-industrial manufacturing plant in 2009.

The 11 classes are filling rapidly. I must not be the only one interested. Click here to find out more about Shasta EWD classes.

But, Dear Ones, come back soon to the Hollyhock.

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  1. Good advice. I'm proud that Shasta College is taking the lead in green education. Renewable, clean energy that's also an economic boon? Doesn't get much better than that!