Thanks for the link love!

Egad. Recent links from other sites have sent hundreds of people to the Hollyhock. When y'all turn out for a gal, you really turn out. Thanks for the freakishly nice comments and emails.

Doni's readers and my readers tend to overlap somewhat, which is fun. I should give her a better picture, eh?

Tim's readers are not as familiar. They probably stopped by the Hollyhock to see what the goober ex-editor was up to. (Hi! Still here! Fire at will!)

Readers from around the world have come from Thom and Greg and Phil and Large Marge and Erin -- wow, what a wide variety of interesting correspondents they have.

My New Zealand fans (both of them) probably work for Fisher Paykel dishwasher manufacturers and they're keeping an eye on me.

And a big, wet kiss to whoever got the MSNBC news ticker to pick up Pink Hollyhock headlines. I don't know how that happened, but me likey.

If you like what you read, maybe you'll subscribe to the Hollyhock. Or just drop by every so often. I'll make it worth your while.

Love and peace ~


  1. I'm still hoping Greg gives me a little shout-out link on his site. But, yeah, when you find out how many people have linked to you, you feel the world get a little smaller - and a little more friendly.

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! -- I'll bet A LOT of folks miss your writing and are tickled to find you here - I imagine your Hollyhock readership will grow by leaps and bounds.

    I still marvel at the amazing technology that allows this kind of communication. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks again, youse. :)

    In the mornin'...
    In the evening'...
    Ain't we got fun? ...

  4. Let me apologize for the weird-o's who may have found your blog via my site. Most are harmless, but don't leave the dog food on the'll be over run.
    By the way, thanks for the link, you've sent some folks my way as well. Only it seems yours can read.


    Hi Pink Hollyhock - Thanks for the shout out!! I was thrilled to be introduced to your blog this week(by Doni's Food for Thought). How long were you blogging in the closet? Or was I just one of the few people who did not know about you and your PINKALICIOUS blog?? But what I really want to know is who was Pink first? You or C Low? ;-) Did she steal the "pink" blog title too? Holy cow! First she stole Joss Stone's and Britney Spears pink hair, and then it appears she might have stolen "pink" from your blog name??? I won't even go into all the people she "stole" the word "phat" from.... But I digress... I shall return to vent on my own blog planet(s) now. Over and out.

  6. If they're not familiar with who you are, they should be. You're the one who inspired me to blog. (Some of your readers may not see that as a compliment, but it is.)

    Hope everything's going well, and it's nice to read you again.