Sundial Film Festival to start in Redding

A digital film and photography festival called the Sundial Film Festival will be held in Redding in March 2009.

I'm very excited about this.

It's in the planning stage, but here are a few details:

The three-day event will be held at the restored, historic Cascade Theatre in downtown Redding, and will involve cash prizes and trophies.

Entry fees and ticket prices will be kept low to encourage participation.

The festival will have a northern California flavor and will tie in with local college curriculum to attract students and filmmakers of all ages to the north state. One emphasis will be on the outdoors and sports, perfect for the area. Others ideas are developing as well.

The Rotary Club of Redding is starting the festival with help from businesspeople, filmmakers, photographers, and community volunteers. Sponsorships are available.

It will start at a manageable size and grow every year.

More details as they firm up...

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  1. I love getting the news like this -- so fresh! And what great news it is.

    A film festival right here in River City sounds like a tremendous opportunity for our community to shine -- to be part of the greater arts community. I think the time is right -- I'm looking forward to hearing more.