Shasta politics

Shasta County District 2 Supervisor Mark Cibula's choice not to run for re-election election this year left a juicy opening.

Interested: Educators Dr. Ray John, Michael Stuart and Russell Hunt, Redding Police Chief Leonard Moty, retired sheriff’s sergeant Paul Heckman and county planning commissioner John Wilson.

At this point, Moty's a slam dunk.

Two incumbents are up for a vote this time: Glenn Hawes and Linda Hartman. Slam dunks for both.

Over at Redding City Council, Ken Murray and Dick Dickerson are up for re-election. No slam dunk.

Interested: Murray, Dickerson, former councilor John Mathena, community activist Staci Bertagna, businessman Jim "Santa" McDilda and former business reporter Marc Beauchamp.

Bertagna notwithstanding, WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?

I'd love to see Shasta Union High School District board member Kristen Schreder run for higher office. There's a person who knows how to get things done.

So do Peggy O'Lea, Emily Young and Nanette Thomas.

How about Judy Salter, Missy McArthur or Kathy Ann Anderson?

Evelyn Jacobs, Doni Greenberg, Mary Machado?

Kathleen Downs, Juliette Read, Pat Allison?

Charlee Thompson, Dr. Lynn Fritz, Muffy Berryhill?

Suzanne Birch, Bev Stupek, Marta MacKenzie?

Sharon Brisolara, Jude Price, Maggie John, Cathy Darling?

I could go on and on. What keeps us from running for office?

Maybe here's a clue to the local atmosphere. It's a recent word-for-word conversation about the City Council race that I heard with my own ears.

He: So are you going to help me with my campaign? Love to have you on board.

She: Oh, sorry, can't. Actually, I'm thinking about running myself.

He: You'd be good. ... Say, why don't you wait a couple of years and run for Mary Stegall's seat? She won't run again.

She: Hm.

He: That's what I told Staci Bertagna.

She: Hm.

He: I know! You could run for treasurer.

Catfish are jumping ... that paddle wheel thumping ... Black water keeps rolling on past just the same...


  1. I heard Large Marge is running... Not kidding. ;-) I read it on her blog:

  2. Maybe smart women consider the amount of money required (to be spent and raised) and decide it's not worth it?

    On the other hand, "Brewer for 2" is a nicely poetic political slogan.

  3. Let's see ... an accomplished woman who knows the area, has name recognition and some time invest? Anyone come to mind?

    Come on, Kelly, you could even boss Greg Clark around again -- or vice versa, however that worked.

  4. Kelly, as much as I'd hate to see you interrupt your newspaper recovery program, you'd be great on the Redding City Council or Board of Supervisors.

    1. You're smart
    2. You're wise
    3. You're not a good old girl
    4. You're a whiz at research and reading
    5. Nobody owns you
    6. You're ethical
    7. You're compassionate, in that mother-bear, do-something-about it way
    You'd get my vote (for supervisor; I can't vote for Redding candidates) xodoni

  5. For crying out loud.

    Can't I fuss without being reminded if I think I'm so smart I should get off the divan and do it myself?

    What happened to letting a gal carp and whine and bitch and moan?

    You've put me off my bonbons.

  6. Excellent choices, Kelly, and yes, your name would be prominent on my list, like the other posters (though after one hot seat position, you may be perfectly happy not to be there, at this point :) I remember attending a city council meeting a while back and being struck with the fact that Mary Stegall was the only woman on the dais, while the audience was probably split fifty-fifty. It's a good question. I think it can be hard to buck the gender barrier; when I was in grad school in the sciences, the faculty was about fifteen percent women, eighty-five percent men. I eventually came to feel, despite my love for the subject, that this wasn't where I wanted to spend my professional life and ended up going into a field that was more gender balanced. It takes a special person to be able to feel comfortable and work effectively while in the distinct minority. Still, I would love to see more women in government here. And as I say, it's clear from your list that we have a number of capable women here who would serve the community well.

  7. Kelly - Do you live within City limits of Redding? If so, would you run for City Council? Please, please, please! I'd even behave well and volunteer for your campaign! C'mon, be a good 'ol girl! Let's get another woman on the Redding Council!

  8. Yes, Staci Bertagna is running. If you would like to support a women candidate and would like to chat please feel free to contact me.

  9. Hooray, Staci, for wading in where other angels fear to tread.

    Good on you. You'll have more support than you know.

    (Forgive me for misspelling your name. Gack. I've fixed it.)

    Best of luck.