Sunday drive on a bright blue day

Selma and I can fill up several hours talking and nibbling on little morsels of exquisite food and sipping wine. Yesterday we talked about the realities of aging and dying. Like, how come nobody tells you pubic hair turns gray? Or that no one touches old people, and they ache for it? Or about prolapsed uteruses and unexpected incontinence? Or about the importance of acceptance and forgiveness? It might sound downbeat, but really we were shriek-laughing all afternoon.

It was a beautiful day for a drive.

Blurry? What do you expect at 90 mph? Try another one.

Crooked? You're kind of strict about photos, aren't you? I liked the layers of color.

I guess that's OK. If you like your photos more or less in focus.


  1. Thanks Kelly for bringing up the gray hair subject along with some other aging issues. I have entered that phase of my life recently and I am glad to know that it happens to others. I thought it was just me! I enjoy your sight.


  2. Thanks, Luweezy.

    We actually talked about a lot more than that in five hours. I should have mentioned the politics, religion, children, traveling, food shopping, gift-giving, wind power, dogs, men, and the relative merits organic wine that we also covered. But I can always come back to those.

    Glad you're a reader. Come back often!