Political wonks, stats junkies (like me) eat this stuff up with a spoon

Shasta County's Cathy Darling gets my vote for being one of the most organized, efficient, no-nonsense elections masters I've ever seen. Her teams stayed up until the precincts were all counted last night, and had them in by about midnight. No reports of major errors or snafus. (Same goes for the last four or five years, as I recall.)

Summary totals are here.

Detailed reports are here.

I can pore over these stats for hours, not because I love long, dry, gray columns of numbers but because I'm interested in how my community thinks and votes. That helps me know what makes my neighbors (in the larger sense) tick. If you look at them long enough, even raw numbers tell as colorful a story as words do.

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  1. That really is fascinating stuff. There's something about the political process that I find almost intoxicating. I started working as a volunteer in various campaigns since I was an 8th grader (for Eugene McCarthy, if you must know) and it was always so exciting. Even if my job was always "envelope licker" or "gofer" it still made you feel like you were doing something important.
    Thanks for the stats! There are a lot of "election junkies' out there!