Longboards 'r' us

Seth Sanding

For his 16th birthday, son Seth built his own longboard last weekend with a little help from a talented friend.*

Quality control

Seth researched the project, arranged the date, sent instructional videos and had a design in mind.

A critical eye

Within a few hours, the basics were done, and he had a business plan for a custom board shop, "Blue Baboon Boards."

We'll show you a picture of the finished board when the paint and varnish are dry and the trucks are on. Trucks are the wheels and hardware. I didn't know, either.

Meanwhile, I've had a skateboard lesson.

You can do it mom

mother son bonding

We kept it short. The last time I was on wheels, I shattered a wrist. It was 1995, and I was skating with son Max, who was about 6. I was leaping fallen skaters like Evel Knievel. I could break a hip now.

Seth and his mini me
* Thanks for the assist,
Bruce Greenberg,
and thanks to
Doni Greenberg
for the photo


  1. Kelly, as if I didn't already have enough respect for your parenting skills... but, the kid is wearing a Ramones "Rocket To Russia" tee-shirt!!! How cool is that! Can't wait to see the finished product,

  2. Rock on sister-dude! Way to board yo.

  3. That boards looks beautiful, and I thing you're brave for even standing on it.

    My boys and their friends are into "Rip-sticking" these days -- a two-wheeled, hinged contraption that just says "fracture" to me.

    I do love watching them race around the River Trail though - nice to spend time around people who are fearless.