Houseguests: Bubba, Felicia

Another couple is staying in my house.

They've lived with us before, seven times, actually, each time for about a year.

It's a comfortable arrangement. We like them. We find them curious. We study their habits and talk about them shamelessly as though they can't hear us.

Bubba and Felicia are the perfect houseguests. They don't eat much or make inane conversation. They don't criticize the cooking or the kids. They don't leave dishes all over or ask to have their laundry done. For the most part they look after themselves.

They do take up a lot of our personal bandwidth, though. We spend a lot of time thinking about them. What can they be thinking? What should they do next? Why would they do that? They're in a jam -- how can we help them out? Won't they ever learn?

Bubba is a bumbling private investigator with the best intentions. Felicia is an ace reporter with an acid wit. How they live together is anybody's guess, but the chemistry works for them, so who are we to say?

They are our imaginary friends, the main characters in the newest book my housemate is writing, which will be the latest in his Bubba Mabry series. Two years have passed since he last wrote about them.

Now that they're back, I realize I've missed them. I like their quirks and personalities. I can't wait to see what they do.


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