Happy weekend

How nice to be quoted. Today's Memoirs and Padiwack Ponders mentioned our post today as being a helpful reminder of a certain healthy outlook. Thanks for the blog love! Families Anonymous thanks you, too.

Thanks also to this week's readers, lurkers and subscribers. It's the weekend. Let's all relax. Get away from work. Breathe. Lie down awhile. (Remember, you'll never fall off the floor.) Go outside. Put some air in your lungs and some dirt beneath your feet. Jump at the sun. You might not reach it, but at least you'll get off the ground.

Check back next week for the $25 TUESDAY contest... You could already be a wiener. Hot diggety.


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  1. You are welcome. I thought it was very worthwhile to read, and re-read, and take to heart. (Stole, borrowed, lifted, gleaned... what's in a name?)