Traveling today to say goodbye to an old friend.

This is what happens now when you get older and don't earn your keep: Never mind your wisdom, memory and influence; if you don't produce money, you're on the next ice floe out of town.

The Albuquerque Tribune
is 86 years old.

Saturday it will draw its last breath.

The stories have just begun...

"In many ways the story of Pulitzer Prizewinner Eileen Welsome is the story of The Trib: small, tenacious, talented and caring not a whit that size is supposed to determine how good you are or how far you can reach..."

Long live The Trib.

* tr.v.; slang;
or 86·ed, eight·y-six·ing or 86·ing, eight·y-six·es or 86·es
1. To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.
2. a. To throw out; eject.
2. b. To throw away; discard.
[Perhaps after Chumley's bar and restaurant at 86 Bedford Street in Greenwich Village, NYC.]
-- The American Heritage® Dictionary


  1. That is really sad. Are there any other newspapers in Albuquerque?

    I wonder if the R-S is heading down the same path...

    BTW Kelly, I really enjoy your blog! :-) Nice to see you doing so well these days.

    Former reporter,
    Michelle Teasley

  2. My best to the crew when you get there. I'm stuck churning out next week's stuff I didn't get to this week. Grab copies if you think of it.

  3. Hi, Michelle. Yes, there's a morning newspaper with a large footprint. The two-newspaper town is a relic. Too bad.

    Jason, the last edition was nicely published. Phill asked Rick H. as the veteran employee to push the button on the last A1 to typeset. A touching moment.