$25 Tuesday

It's $25 TUESDAY, and this week we have a creative challenge.

If you got here early today, you already saw the gas-and-wind photo in the previous post. Check it:

gas and wind

It's in need of a fun caption.

Give it your best shot until midnight Tuesday (2.19), Pacific time. Enter as often as you want. Make me laugh.*

The winner gets a $25 Target gift card.

* Yes, this is a totally subjective contest. Unless you guys want to judge the entries. We could do that. Let me know. Otherwise, the winner will be whoever makes me snort-laugh.


  1. He hasn't even posted yet, and I'll already cast a vote for Philbert.

  2. How's about: The answer to our nation's energy policy crisis is "blowing in the wind." Or, an abbreviated version of just: "The answer is blowing in the wind."

    O.K., it's a little on the serious side, but that's what popped into my head. ;-)

  3. "Wind Energy": gives some folks gas, while others see unlimited potential.

    Donna D.

  4. Lulu of a windy
    - three bucks twelve per.

  5. A mighty wind beats having gas any day.

  6. "Did you know? 90% of our wind comes from people bitching about high gas prices."

  7. Limbaugh Automotive: providing haute air and gasbags since 1951.