Long vacations are the ticket

Long vacations are the best -- don't let anybody tell you different. After eight weeks away from work, I'm remarkably restored and recharged.

When I last wrote, it was to hoot at the rumors that had me sailing away to Bombay or some crazy thing.

No, I did exactly what I set out to do: Stayed home and enjoyed sleeping, eating, reading, listening to music, writing, cooking, visiting friends and, most of all, treasuring time with my husband and sons.

A few chores got done, too. I learned how to rewire a fluorescent light fixture, program a TV recorder, repair a computer printer. The garage and a few closets got cleaned. I had to set up an eBay store to unload that stuff.

We had lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with friends and family.

My advice: If there's any way to swing some weeks without pay, and you work in an environment that encourages or allows a leave, jump on the chance. You'll cherish the time.

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