How to be in a class of your own

A new term I didn't know cropped up today: public realm strategist.

It's someone who's skilled in the strategic development of urban public areas such as parks, trails, waterfronts and other open spaces. Greenways.

Oh, yes, we say, we've heard of those people. They're not new. They're everywhere.

Not exactly. We've heard of the concept of the public realm, sure, and public realm planners, architects, designers, dreamers and so on. But Google tells us only one (!) company calls itself a public realm strategist: Alex Garvin & Associates of New York.

I love that. A company used one word to create a completely open territory. Garvin didn't make just a name for himself. He made an entire classification.

That's what I call brilliant strategy.


  1. Kelly, I like the wonderful mix of topics on your site. You have good instincts for interesting material.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're writing. Keep it coming.


  2. Woke up to an amazing view of snow covered mountains and blue skies --and the day continues to get brighter - what a lovely find here in blogland.

    Glad to know you're here, Kelly - looking forward to more of your insights and observations.

    Thanks for the link to our site - unexpected - but very much appreciated.