Taking a break from the static

I had a week off work, in which I did little but get my tax paperwork together. My poor accountant - this is the latest we've been in years. But the weather has been so nice, and the library is filled with new books, and the car needed washing -- doing indoor paperwork was near the bottom of my priority list.

But: now done. A relief.

Also I spent some time fussing over what to plant this spring, and finally concluded I don't have to plant anything or grow a garden at all. Maybe just a few flowers. Or maybe I'll buy tomatoes and daisies at the grocery store this year, instead of fretting over flora and fauna.

The dog and I walked for miles. He'd rather walk than eat. That's saying something.

When I'm away from work, I minimize my exposure to news and noise. I've advocated this for years, even though I'm in the news business. If we don't take time to tune out the rest of the world, and listen at the threshold of silence and to the subtle subtext of family exchanges, we risk losing our capacity for hearing certain frequencies altogether. I listened. I watched. l learned.

I'm back at work. Still listening, though.

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