New library open house

Overheard the new public library on Saturday afternoon of opening day... the elevator in the two-story building, stern older teen girl to younger teen girl:

"Why are you taking the elevator? Your legs aren't broken. Use the stairs." (She did.)

------------ the north windows looking across the ballfield, Safeway and on to Mt. Shasta:

"Won't be long before somebody starts griping about 'take down the backstop, we can't see the mountain.' "

------------ the fiction and literature section upstairs:

"Didn't they have any money left over for books? The shelves are half empty." (Yes, pallets of books will be arriving every week for some time, we're told. And they're leaving room for growth, too.)

----------- the periodicals section at one end of the north windows:

"Nice view, but they ought to get rid of the backstop."

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