Sabbatical, vacation, whatever ... time and space is needed

Genies in bottles tell us the most fervent wish of modern Americans is for more time.

Weekends are filled with house chores, yard work, second jobs. There's little chance to rest, recharge, think, create, relate and enjoy one another. Contemporary life doesn't allow for many opportunities to slow down.

Oh, to take a family trip, paint a picture, write a poem, listen to music, daydream, hike a mountain, go fishing, try a new recipe or have friends over for dinner.

I said to myself, Self, what you need is a smart genie. So I found a shiny lamp equipped with a genie that specializes in time management. Now I’m going to take an extended vacation from work during the holidays. My boys are almost grown, and it won’t be long before they escape my clutches altogether.

I'm not getting any younger myself, so I've decided to start my time off today.

Capable people are minding the store until I return to my desk on Dec. 26.

No time like the present.

No present like time.


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