Winemakers open in Redding downtown

Another Downtown business has opened its doors to customers.

Vintner's Cellar, where customers can enjoy wine tastings and learning, or make their own wines with custom labels, has breathed life into the old downtown bookstore building. It shares a block with Fuji's.

Downtown fans have been waiting on this for a while. The owners are Alan and Jana Leard. She's a native, 26, and he's from the Bay Area, 25. They met at college in San Jose.

Looking optimistic and enthusiastic, they were moving a refrigerator in on Wednesday and said they were ready for company. The 2000-square-foot interior was beautifully decorated in dark, muted tones and wrought iron.

Wine choices include five whites, nine reds, three fruit wines and three dessert wines. Prices range from $9.95 to $18. Vintner's Cellar is a franchise started in Canada. There are 38 in the States now. The Leards have the northern California franchise rights.

Here's more on how the new business helps rookies make, bottle, cork, seal and label their private reserve:

No actual barefoot stomping of grapes is required.


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