New Redding library speaks volumes

A handful of us toured the new library this week. Very spacious. Very roomy and light. Wide, sunny views to the north and south. Very pretty.

Still, it's only a building like any other empty building until it is filled with books, people, curiosity and imagination.

The construction is about six weeks ahead of schedule. Opening Day is scheduled for early March.

When the library opens, the shelves will be about 60 percent full. Between now and then, librarians are thinning the current collection. Books that haven't been checked out in 10 or 20 years will be set aside for Friends of the Library to try to sell.

Meantime, new material is being considered and ordered, a job that seems both overwhelming and wonderful. Imagine, having a million dollars to spend on books and equipment. Are there lists of fiction, non-fiction, reference, children's, young adult books? Choose 100 from Column A and 200 from Column B?

I'm sure it's more scientific than that.

Dreamy job, though.


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