Best customer service in town is at end of needle

It's a pleasant place to be, bright lights and clean surfaces, contemporary furnishings, lots of plants and bubbling water features.

The instant I arrive, people smile and greet me warmly. They are genuinely happy to see me, no matter what time of day, no matter how rumpled or irritable I am. They work with my crazy schedule, even on a Sunday morning, or at 6 a.m. on a weekday.

Just being there lifts my spirits. They welcome me to a reclining chair, rock me back, bring me blankets and warmers, joke with me, ask how I am and wait for the answer, bring me movies and snacks, and in general make a small, sweet fuss.

They know they depend on my good will to keep my business. I don't have to come in; I could easily drive right on by. After all, if I stop, I lose time out of my day and walk away with nothing.

But they need me and other people like me. They don't want my money, my name, my editorial support, or my gently used household goods and clothing. They want something more precious. They're out for blood.

In my case, they really want my platelets. They need me to sit still awhile so they can slide a needle into my vein and skim a little off the top of my healthy cells, to help save other lives.

That's a lot to ask. They know it is. It requires expert handling of me so I'll come back again and again. Imagine what skill it takes to make me feel that a needle-stick will be the highlight of my week. Yet they do. They minimize the medical and maximize the love. Every time I go, I feel cherished.

Imagine what that kind of customer treatment would mean to a business that only wanted a few dollars out of my pocket. Every business in town, including mine, would benefit immensely from a lesson in customer satisfaction from the friendly, caring people at BloodSource.


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