Local businesses need our business

I see another independent bookstore will close its doors for lack of business.

Aloha, Another Chapter bookstore, which used to be Brothers Bookstore, offspring of Redding Bookstore downtown. All closed for lack of transactions.

Meanwhile, the Barnes & Noble chain is backing its money truck up to the back door, loading up the cash registers and screeching toward the state line with giant stacks of Redding cash.

Say a little prayer for locally owned businesses everywhere.

Unbelievable the number of wheezers I hear railing at outsiders coming into "our town" and killing off local mom-and-pop stores.

In the next breath they're talking about their recent purchases at Costco and Wal-Mart, recent dinner at Olive Garden and Applebee's, their favorite mochachoka at Starbucks and the latest thing they bought at the mall, or online.

Boo hoo. Pardon me if the "local, local, local" mantra sounds hollow.

When is the last time we made a point to spend our dollars at a locally owned grocery, liquor store, bookstore, appliance store or restaurant?

Shall we leave some on the table here in Redding?

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