I'll toaster to that: Cheers to individuality

Some people -- I'm not saying who, but their initials are "not me" -- are compelled to make horizontal toast slathered with several teaspoons of margarine melting soggily under direct application of the heating element of a 10-year-old, crumb-filled, Black and Decker toaster oven.

A horror.

Other people -- a k a "I" -- like pop-up toast, dry and crisp, with a mere smidgen of real butter scraped across its surface. For me there is a four-car pop-up DeLonghi that will, on command, toast only the sliced side of a bagel.

Not every house needs two toasters. Apparently our does. Horizontal or vertical, this most perfect food is vastly over-important to us.

We might be British.


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