So round, so firm, so fully full

All week, the full moon looms. Little things go awry. Insignificant events I would ordinarily shrug off take on disproportionate meaning.

I misplace my handbag in a grocery store. My car has a flat on a Saturday night. My personal email servers (three, because each of us has an ISP we Cannot Live Without) have gone postal. My favorite people demonstrate sudden, ugly personality disorders.

Lycanthropy, I think. But ... them or me?

Then again, the handbag resurfaced just fine, a good Samaritan stopped to fix my flat and wouldn't take no for an answer, some other favorite people sent uncannily timed gifts of books and jewelry for no reason, a fisherman shared sturgeon steaks from his 96-pound catch, the sun finally came out and today my accountant predicted a tax refund.

Shine on, spring moon.


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