Sleepwalking in the grocery store

The floral and bakery areas just inside the entrance at Holiday Quality Foods on Placer are so beautiful, so inviting, so filled with exquisite petals and stems, dips and whirls, colors and fragrances, that a shopper could lose herself in reverie and admiration and wheel away a shopping basket that isn't even hers.


She could shop for a full half-hour and get to the checkout lane on the other side of the store before she and the checkout clerk discover her basket contains dark molasses, ginger and flour for gingersnaps, strawberries, Pink Lady apples, Mother Jones sugar-free sodas, assorted flavors of low-fat yogurt, fresh flowers and shampoo, but, alas, no handbag.

The shopper would therefore be ever grateful for Brianna in Floral, who spied a motherless handbag in an otherwise empty basket in her department, and tucked the bag away with its credit cards, cash and shoe phone safely inside until the dumbfounded shopper could claim it.

Thank you, Brianna.


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